Tap into new markets with a multilingual website and mobile app.
Establishing a global web presence provides you with one of the most affordable means of tapping into the international marketplace. Whether you are launching your website in a new language for the first time or you are expanding your already multilingual website, Junction International can provide the top-of-the-line localization and project management expertise required to make your globalization initiative a success.

These are the steps you need to follow in order to successfully localize your website or mobile app:

1. Groundwork

Even though clients typically contact us once the original website is complete, we strongly encourage you to involve us from the initial stages so we can advise you on visual details and functionality questions that may have an impact on the overall process and budget.

2. Internationalization

This process involves the optimization of your website both from a development and a design perspective so it can handle multiple languages and cultural conventions without the need for re-design. Some languages expand while others contract; some languages are left to right while others right to left. We want to make sure your layout can handle these changes swiftly and prevent obstacles down the road.

3. Localization

This process involves adapting your website to a specific language or culture so that it appears native to a particular region. We have experience with most technologies from HTML, XML, and Flash to ASP, PHP, and JavaScript. We are familiar with a variety of content management systems and can work with your developers to seamlessly integrate the translated content. As part of our process, we develop glossaries and translation memories that help ensure consistency and increase productivity over time, and, most importantly, allow us to identify new and/or revised content so you don’t have to worry about maintenance and frequent updates.

We offer several turnaround options depending on your needs. Contact us for additional information on our website or mobile app localization services.