Where accurate translations can make a life or death difference.
Poor translation of LEP patient information, medical questionnaires, or medical device user manuals will lead to uninformed decisions, and most significantly, to critical errors. At Junction International, we translate vital documents in a clear, straight-forward language that is written with the target audience in mind.

Our teams are carefully selected by specialty, and constantly evaluated by both clients and peers. Many of our experts have medical backgrounds themselves, which adds an extra level of insight to the translated content.

Junction understands that medical terminology needs to be consistent and tailored to your target audience. We create glossaries and translation memories that help us ensure consistency and increase productivity over time. These tools also allow to identify new or revised content so you don’t have to worry about updates – nor pay for them twice!

We offer a round of internal review that helps ensure our translations are in line with the tone and terminology you expect. For example, the term “doctor” can be translated as “doctor” or “médico” in Spanish. You may have a preference for either one, even if they’re synonyms. By listening to the suggestions of your bilingual staff, we make sure we get your preferred terminology and we add it to your personalized glossary so we won’t have to decide this again in future translations.

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