Behind every successful business there is an effective communication strategy.
As the market becomes increasingly global, communicating effectively in different languages and cultures becomes ever more important. The skills needed to localize marketing and advertising content are very different from those needed for technical or financial translation. Creativity becomes a key player as translators put on their writers’ hat to face out-of-the-box translation projects.

Junction International specializes in the adaptation of marketing communications, advertising and public relations material for businesses and organizations across several sectors. We offer sensitive cultural guidance and translations that hit the mark – every time, in virtually every language. Among our most creative translation projects, we have localized:

  • Complete marketing campaigns
  • Flyers and brochures
  • Phone scripts
  • Product packaging and effective taglines
  • Websites

We understand the time and effort that go into developing a brand image and personality. That’s why we carefully select professional language experts who have specialized knowledge and familiarity with marketing messaging and will help us ensure our localized versions accurately carry your message through to the target language.

Please contact us to learn more about our experience in your industry.